The adventures of a low level noob.

Hi there! I pop up every now and then to play a game or two and say hi to the boards. Right now i&acute;m back again before i disappear again into the empty void known as real life. But before i do vanish i wanna do a couple of things: 1. Wish everyone a good day and an even better month! Honestly after reading some of the threads and chats in game i feel that our community needs a LOT of positivity, so i&acute;m trying to do my part too! Next time i see someone rage in chat i&acute;ll try to calm them down rather than insta mute him/her. 2. Play a few games! Pretty obvious, this IS a video game related forum, and i do love me some video games. I would like to set a new record for me this time, lets say 20 games before i vanish again. Don&acute;t know if i can make it, but i&acute;ll try! I&acute;ll have like 5 days to do it so its not THAT unrealistic, right? Maybe one day i can bring myself to play daily, but too busy and too easily distracted most of the times. Really getting through a 50 minute game is a real chore for me &gt;.&lt; so i hope most of them will NOT be that long. 3. Figure out what champion to buy next! To be honest i already forgot which champs i own X3 I am certain i have Quinn, only champ with a skin too! She was quite expensive though and i needed to grind for her for a bit. I think i can buy like a 1350 ip champ but i honestly don&acute;t know if its better to buy the cheap guys or save up for the expensive ones. What would you recommend? 4. Get a freaking S! Or maybe an S- would do, i never got a chest yet except the one you get for free TT-TT I have a few keys saved up i think, so getting a box to use the key on would be sweet!!! And thats all i can think of right now. So thanks for reading, have a cookie {{item:2010}} and have a great day!!! --- **CONCLUSION** I failed <:c I failed in almost all the points i wanted to achieve this time around. Only thing i did manage was getting the IP to buy Vayne, but i'm considering refunding her. I'm 4 games short of 20 but i really don't feel like finishing that. Trying to stay positive in this game is such an exhausting effort i honestly think i would turn really sour if i stayed any longer than i already did. Out of the 16 games i recall only one i can say had a nice atmosphere. Even when playing with IRL friends the games turn bad, in fact i think they go even worse because when i play with friends i'm against people who have like 1300 won games and how the hell am i supposed to go toe to toe with someone that much more experienced than me? Ok, i think i deserved the flame i got cause i really didn't play well at all but enough is enough. I'm done for a few weeks again. I'll stick around on the forums to speak with some of you wonderful people, but i'm done with the game for a few weeks again.
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