Can we buff FM (Frozen Mallet)?

I find the item only being used on gnar or in some rare cases on extremely fed enemy jungles or top laners "trundle etc..." However the price for this item is wayyy to much and yes it does offer 650+ health I just dont see it being superior then say a locket or titanic hydra etc... other then of course as mentioned on a gnar, or shyv the item on paper is a great idea yet we rarely see it since unless your far ahead to invest in it, its a burden to build it over other dominate items weather your going tanky or dmg wise I also think its build path is what restricts it a lot with pick axe and jaurims fist, ruby crystal taking 3 slots its a burden, sure it got 200 g reduction, yet i still find it a lot if it was buffed cost wise to 2800g, i think it would be a good buff, or add 100 more health (750 health) Or simply add +30 armour to the item! what are your thoughts about the current item in its state?
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