Fed up with the current ''Customer Service'' that Riot Supplies.

So roughly just as the new ranked season started. My main account got banned. Which started a long line of tickets to try ''communicate'' with Riot Staff. Although seeing why the decision was made to permanently suspend my account an agreeing with it. I felt cheated, mistreated and neglected by Riot Games Staff. I would contact support with tickets filled with detail. Mentioning the summoners code, How bronze and silver players are labelled through esports. How league itself is shown as one of the most competitive esports in the world, the list goes on. I even asked them to compare old chatlogs to new to show the slight improvement in my attitude towards frustrating ranked games. But they even used old offences which were meant to be wiped clean after the new changes to the behaviour system to further judge my account. Avoiding most of the issues raised in tickets I had submitted, an giving short scripted answers. I don't know what else to do. It's literally the worst customer service I've experienced from an online game I loved playing despite my competitive attitude in ranked games. Do I keep fighting, or do I fall back into the cattle like they expect you to. My last resort would have to be along the legal lines but that's a last resort. I even complained about the member of staff that used the offences that were meant to be wiped clean and all I got back was thanks for the feedback. Don't be to judgemental please. Thanks for Reading my post :)

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