the secrets of elo and mmr ?

ok firts i wanna to straitens that i dont know exactly whtas going on and i dont wanna prove a point i wenna ask. mmr: hwo d i get it. when does it rise when does it fall. since roit wants you to have a 50:50 win/loose ratio there cant be no such thing like "try to win every game" thast impossible. since the beginning of season 3 i paly lol and always though the builshit theory of troll averyge if your not the troll then the chances are bigger that its in the enemy team deam i read it everywhere and see in everywhere. if u get on a winning streak keep winning keep carrying. my teammates become mroe crap^^ sorry. its like that others experienced and i did it. so is it like this? if u stay above the teh 50% win/loose ratio lets so 52 % and u keep wining and loosing u gain elo? and u win more lp for a win than loose for a loose? why is there no official statment from riot? Dear Riot, thats system woud be ok! i rely god mad lately, casue i flet it, i win my lane so ofen, i carrie, but thats not enough to win mroe than 50 % of my games. but since i know riot want me to loose in order to see if i can carrie crap palyer or not. to rise my leo.. i got so relaxed when looseing no rage no argue or bad feeling. if i still gaining elo by stayign above the 50 % w/l ratio loosing cause of my teammates seems to be ok. btw my win ratio is around constantly aroudn 51 %. and im ok with that when i still gainign somthing. so why make such a secred out of it.???
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