Buddy-Anger System

SO basically here is the thing: with this new buddy system what is really annoying is trying to last hit to minions as support. Cuz for some champs especially in early game( incase adc connects late), it is not easy to farm agains adc and support of enemy together. it is not even easy to farm properly 1 v 1 for other lanes; and imagine the burden of support in 2 vs 1. The problem with it is first of all we are not used to it. As a support player I am good with poking enemy, collecting gold which is dropped from minions automatically, or kill minion instantly when they have relatively low healh. But that is not the problem, the issue is all other starter items have some effect like "increased damage to minions". I think support items need anger system, when there is no buddy around, the champ should get angry and have additional damage to minion effect(Only when there is no buddy) When adc connects late, or when there is nobody on lane accept for support; it is really not easy to farm. I wanted to ask what people think about this...
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