Cant carry

20 wins maybe 6 loses with afks and close games. You cant carry in low elo out of 20 games maybe i got 3 games with grade B cause of a leaver or feeder. I gank all lanes i take towers i outfarm my last 2 games enemy nexus 3 inh down. Nexus 1/3hp my team wont finish it play around split push when there is no baron dragon or stuf to take they waste 30 mins and i end up losing both games with enemy only having a nexus i ping them over 200x i explain very calm dont split push you will get caught can we please please group and finish before its to late and regroup they end up getting picked at their golems for 80g with full builds and saying GG FF GG FF im unistaling this game i climb alot of elo per day but i wont deal with this shit anymore i wont waste my energy or time to focus on the game to carry 1 idiot who is on rullete of rankeds you made this game so much team based that 1 idiot gets caught in lategame and the new baron finishes it and in the end you get reported for being toxic just saying Why did you do that i tould you so WAKEUP. 80% of the games i lose is cause of people like that they go 5 0 they think they already won and start hunting for kills in enemy jungle. I know im winning 7 out of 10 games but still that 3 loses i get are unfair and stupid with disconected idiots or people who wont follow 50iq logic. I mean if i have s- s class in 30 of my 35 games i mean i totaly deserve that lose outfarm mid by 70 cs most dmg and cround control and 5 towers i guess its my fault.
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