Finally,I quit this game after 4 year's full of stress!

After 4 years of playing this game I am finnaly quiting!I am sick of getting a bad bot with 1/6 and a support with 4/19 as my bot lane!I am so sick of the champions that can 1-shot me in the top lane and Riot still won't do shit!And for all of you that will comment on this post with "we don't care that you quit league you are just bad I love this game and this community is so nice to me and I get a good bot every time I play wow",really?Eventually you will quit this game aswell,and trust me you will feel so happy,I came to this decision after I started going to a local gym,and I go there every day,and I am happy.You should try to go for a walk,or go outside with some friends and hangout together!You will slowly start to get bored if the game itself,and all it will give you back is stress.And yet if I were to flame my 1/9 bot lane I would have get banned....for real now,are you serios?I am gettign banned for talking shit to some guys that are some guys that can't even right click?you have got to be kidding me!anyways,this is my final discussion on the boards,or the last tiem I log into this pice of shit dead game
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