LP gained and lost

Sorry if this is the wrong board, was gonna choose technical support, however this has nothing to do with the application nor does it have to do with hardware/software. In my past ranked games, which I started playing after a long break of not playing ranked (5 months maybe, some games played here and there) I gained between 15-19 lp, I don't know if rank matters, but I'm in Gold IV if you were curious. The amount I lose though is always 20+ typically 22. Why and how. This is so frustrating. If I lose 3 games, I have to actually play around 4, assuming I win all, otherwise I'm in dept even more. This, I feel is extremely frustrating. I can't even remember how many times I was a couple of lp away, 97/98/99 lp to promos. All I needed was maybe 18 lp, but no, I consistently get 15+ This number is absolutely pathetic. Sorry if it's turning into a brainless rant, but look at it from my perspective. I don't play league very much, but when I do, I obviously try to win. It's just such a waste of time at this point, because it's not worth my time. 30 minutes for some lousy 15+ lp. I'm still waiting to see a 2 as my first digit in my lp gained. :(

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