Dear Riot, a collection of frustration from 6 years playing

Dear Riot, My name is Paulus, 25 years old and a hardcore player of this wretched game. I played around 5-7k hours, so basicly daily for the past 6 years. There were moments that I truly loved this game and the playerbase. These moments however got overshadowed so hard by the countless moments of frustration, desperation and pure, pure hate and rage for this game and for its players. Today I 'played' the last game I've probably ever will. 2 minutes in, players looking nice, lanes were ready, and so was I. For no reason my game decides to 'lose connection' and makes me unable to join for another 8 minutes. Funny thing is that I play through cable, and browsing seemed to be working just fine. 8 minutes later I reconnect, only to enjoy the rage from my team, and the heckles from the opposing team. Oh the joy... I remember a video of you guys trying to make a game that was fun to play. I can assure you that everyone here enjoys the game, but hates the playerbase / ranking system so much that in the end we all hate the game but we are too addicted to quit. Pathetic actually. This being my first post in the 6 years i've been around I want to finish with the following, I seriously hope i never come back to this game, and I have 0 good words for your team. The game is complete mess. GGWP, goodluck to all the summoners who are still too addicted to really see the unhealthy effects of this game.
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