Why I quit League of Legends

I think I just wanted to put my own voice out there, and explain why I quit league of legends, and why I believe its a healthy decision. I've been playing league of legends since 2015, I play it a lot, but I play it casually, I am not interested in playing ranked, I've tried many times, and I think it took the fun out of the game for me, I always try to think creatively, try things I think is fun, I ran stuff like, full crit Vi, full AP Sona, Tri-force Lethality/crit Riven, or even Caitlyn mid... My first issue with this game, is how it caters towards professional play a lot more than casual play, despite the majority of the community playing this game are casual players, low ranks between Bronze and Silver. Obviously Riot isn't a magnet to blame, people will always be and act the way they do in games, and getting report threats and flame for trying out off-meta builds in normals is.. emotionally unhealthy, I honestly find myself feeling touchy for the rest of the day after a nice long awful game. I try my best to stay calm, but I have never been great at controlling my emotions, so honestly when I'm driven to insult people, and say sensitive things to people, I question if this game is fun, or is it just addicting? I feel the issue with flaming and a toxic community is common place in any multiplayer competitive game, it isn't Riot that lets us down, it's ourselves, if I can't help but be toxic myself because I'm pushed beyond my limits, it is clearly not worth playing anymore, I'd rather remove myself from the situation. Another reason I left was the frustration of the game itself, it's very common, almost every game, for everybody to die a lot, and feed each other, every second counts in the heat of the moment, and low rank players aren't pros, we make a lot of mistakes, and you can lose your lane if you feed your enemy a single kill, it's enough to turn the early phase into their favor, and even roam for more kills if they are a champion that excels at snowballing, this furthermore leads to my original point, because this is where you get flamed for feeding, and report threats, even though it isn't a reportable offense, doesn't make it any less infuriating... Back to my point though, I'm sick of feeding a single kill and I can't recover from my lane, feed a Riven a single kill, feed Camille a single kill, Katarina, Talon, Zed, Malzahar, Xayah, Draven, the list goes on and on. And it's so boring, when you spend 20 minutes not being able to do anything to the enemy team, and even then your team refuses to surrender, for reasons I think nobody knows, a complete mystery, there is sadly nothing fun about a lost game, I don't understand the desire to keep playing. Lets not go into the amount of bull involved with some champions and their tilting mechanics either, talons wall jumps, malzahar ultimate, blitzcrank grabs, even though blitz isn't OP, nothing is more annoying than hearing the, higher elos say "just play around it it's ok." I'm not high elo, so blitzcrank makes me just want to alt + f4, if its not me getting grabbed, its anybody else and feeding them free kills. I think the point I'm getting at is, League of Legends is garbage, for low elo players, for the majority of the player base, this is unlikely to change, nor am I going to rip my soul apart getting to a level of skill I can consider the game acceptable. I think it's easier to drop 40-50 to play a multiplayer game that doesn't punish mistakes by making it unfair for you to try and recover, and with a much shallower learning curve. Moral of all this? I do not recommend anybody play this game, unless they intend to play it competitively, in ranked, and to climb. (and to have a hell of a lot of patience){{summoner:4}} <------- this is me getting the hell off the league bandwagon ;)
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