new prestige Aatrox was a mistake

So, i gave some thought about what could possibly would you guys have been smoking to release that thing for such a steep price costing a minimum of 15250 RP with 2 bundles of 10 capsules + the gemsone bundle or 18000 RP if you only buy bundles of 10 chests and lastly 22500 if you buy the single chest. I get it, we aren't "paying" for Aatrox, we are paying for chests and we get the tickets as a bonus, I won't deny that. the whole thing is still a humungous mistake because you didn't realize you just did the ONLY thing a free to play game should never do: **You are making players aware of how much money they are actually paying for cosmetics.** Say you are a player, you play your games, win some keys and get free boxes, the usual. One day you say to yourself "hey, i want to get a capsule, it's only 5 euros after all" and you buy it. Then you get something else some time later and keep doing so every now and then ending up with 100 euros spent at the end of the year. You spent a lot of money for cosmetics, true, but it didn't have the same impact that spending 100 euros in one go would have, mostly because you don't actually keep track of it, to you they were "only 5 euros from time to time". Releasing that skin, however, gave players a measuring stick, they KNOW that if they manage to get enough tickets in one year then they spent 100+ euros for, essentially, useless crap. The smart thing to do would have been making 10+ weekly missions that gave you 10 (or less depending on how many missions you made) tokens each. Something long to do, like dealing 100K damge to towers or champions, something that would be easy to complete in 7 days with 2-3 games a day, THEN add the tickets to the bundles as a way to speed up the process, players wouldn't react the same way because you could still win the skin with some effort. Also, if the problem is that you are in need of money (as another user suggested) you could just have said so, you still have loving fans here and they would have understood. Besides, if you REALLY need money there IS a certain someone that everybody hates and keep saying it's ruining the game by making a CERTAIN kind of champions ({{champion:157}} {{champion:142}}) i'm not asking you anything in particular but paying one less paycheck each month could really help in that scenario *wink wink* *nudge nudge* {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}

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