New league server in/near the Middle east ?

'Upvote if you agree' normal ping here in UAE is 118+ ms {{sticker:sg-shisa}} .... why cannot you create a new server near the middle east if not in it? a reasonable number of players play in my region so I can't seem to find any excuse of you guys 'Riot' not creating a Server but instead, you make in turkey and beta servers 'Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand' you know that I can't Travel to a near LoL server and pay $h!t tons of money just to play this game >:( You as a company can't just tell me " then stop playing this game " or something like it. 'Plus it a good move to attract more players to this game if it offers many different languages *talking about if you will make a new server in/near the middle east*' whether you please say something useful or do not reply, Thank you.
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