Kindred Rework Concept [Wolf Intervention Edition]

Y'know for a champion all about duality and the whole 'Two Sides of the same coin' part of the champion is slacking a bit. Seriously Wolf, what the hell man? You're just gonna hang back and chill while your sister/girlfiend/cousin/other half does all the work? That ain't cool brah He ain't turning up to 'Death' meetings, he's isn't doing any of the housework, he keeps borrowing money from Lamb and never paying it back. What a slacker. We gotta get Wolf more involved in everything Kindred does. So I conceptualized a rework on how to do just that! Oh and, making Kindred relevant and effective is also important but, getting Wolf off his lazy incorporeal yiffing bum takes priority. So here's a Kindred rework: _____ **Kindred - The Eternal Hunters** **Passive -Twin Souls:** Lamb and Wolf hunter their targets together, each serving as a primary attacker that can be switched at will. Wolf attacks at melee range and: * Deals extra damage based on his target's missing health * Gains increased movement speed against fleeing targets Lamb attacks at increased range and: * Deals extra damage based on her target's current health * Periodically slows enemy champions ____ **Q - Dance of Arrows (Available only as Lamb):** Lamb leaps in target direction, firing arrows at and damaging 3 nearby targets. ____ **W - Endless Companion:** Switch primary attacker, gaining a bonus on their next attack depending on who was switched in. * Switching to Lamb grants her bonus true damage on her next attack * Switching to Wolf causes his next attack to heal him ____ **E - Jaws of Death (Available only as Wolf):** Wolf charges up before biting down in an area in front of him with his giant maw. damaging and slowing enemies hit. If Wolf charged for at least 1 second, enemies hit are feared instead. ____ **Ultimate - Oblivion:** The Kindred mark a large area on the ground, granting them a large increase to attack speed while inside. When the Oblivion ends, a bonus effect occurs depending on who the primary attacker was when Oblivion begun: If Lamb was the primary attacker, Wolf rushes all enemy champions in the area, damaging them and executing them if they fall under a health threshold. If Wolf was the primary attacker, Lamb heals Wolf for a portion of the damage dealt by ALL allies inside the area. Excess healing is partially given to Wolf as a shield. Endless Companion is disabled while Oblivion is active. ____ Make Wolf a Proactive Pupper
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