I think i need to go to hospital, my head has never hurt like this before

Scenario: * We have 1 turret defending our nexus * The enemy has Super minions in the top lane, 5 supers coming top to end the game. * No one on my team wants to defend the nexus from the supers * I'm Naut support, i'm forced to wave clear and hold them back, because my team wanted dragon. * 4 of them left to do the dragon. * They forced a fight at dragon, clearly knowing i wasn't there (because they were spamming pings on me to come to dragon) * There is 5 supers on our nexus, and they are flaming me for not being at dragon. They lost the fight they started, and the blame fell down onto me because I was defending the nexus from the game ending... "You are Nautilus, you can't defend the base" My head, is broken right now from sheer stupidity. They understood i wasn't at dragon, they understood i can't hold 5 supers, so why were they fighting at dragon, when we are losing our base? Why are you blaming your team you can't climb out of bronze? when there are morons like these with gold borders These guys are getting the end of season rewards, and you are not.
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