Matching system

I spent some time reading a lot about this “issue” only to find out that you get matched with people that have the same MMR/skill as you. So many people complain about this and express how it doesn’t make sense at all so I wasn’t sure if I believed it until… So I always played with a friend who played this for ages (I'm new) and he is a pretty good player. For long I thought that I sucked for my level because I died a lot even thought I felt like I knew the tacticts and what strategy I need with the different champs (so basically, I was feeding and getting very frustrated cause I was really trying to do my best). I then realized that it was only because he was much higher then I am and pulled the matching level up and I probably pulled it down but the middle thing is still much higher then my actualy level – I found out because as soon as I started playing alone, I was totally on fire, and only got matched with people my own level. However, after a few games I started to get matched with people that are level 100-250 (also when I played alone). I’m level 26. **HOW does this make sense? Why am I not playing with people my own level?** Sometimes I suck but sometimes I’m actually average/good but not that good that I should be playing with people who managed to get to such high levels. **Do you guys know why that is and how the matching system works exactly? and if it's skill/MMR, how do they estimate your skill level/MMR? ** Hope someone can help! Thank you. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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