1000 Wins Celebration Game with Rioters - Still a thing?

Hello there --- When I first started back in Season 3, I heard that once you reach the game that will get you to 1000 wins, you could occasionally get some Rioters who had some time off to join you in the game for the final win. Is this still a thing? And if so, where would one reach out to them?For information, I'm from Norway and play on the EUW-server, if that is relevant. Now, after countless games, and many years, I was finally hoping that I would get to experience this, but I understand if they haven't got time for everyone, so it's more of a humble reach out if possible : ) --- P.S: I did read the rules before posting this, but couldn't find anything specifically against it. So I do hope all is okay! Please give me a heads up if not, and please redirect me to the correct place to post this if that is the case.
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