I'm Quitting these boards

Yes you dont care.But you clicked this anyway. For the past year all i've seen in these boards is people complaining about reasons they can't win games and agree with each other, downvoting any opposing points of view. Feeders, zed, premades, dynaQ, yea guys this is the reason we cannot all climb to challenjour, this is the reason we cannot "escape bronze" I mean, I like commenting and giving advice of my personal point of view to other people and discuss about op things,workarounds and theorycrafting, but now it's just the same thing over and over again. "DynaQ ruins game experience mubleble blabla" VERY few discussions are actually about the game and/or interesting topics. So i pick up my little sand bucket and shovel, and go to another beach to play. I know you'll see me here again (well, lurking here is a form of addiction) but man i tilt and get angry alot more in these boards than playing the game itself. #badday
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