Why are there no...

I find myself building the same items over and over because the item builds are quite similar and limited. (especially in AP-midlaner or adc) That made me wonder: why are there not more diverse items? There is no Armor and AD item, there are only 2 AR and MR items, only 3 (?) items with HP and AD, 3 items with crit strike and AS (actives opt-out), only 1 item with HP and AS, only 1 with AR and AP, 1 with MR and AP and so on and so on.... i know its is kinda hard to make an item that is balanced and fits in multiple metas but having limited item makes the game very linear. AND Why are items like zeke's herald, zephyr, banner of command, guinsoos rageblade, mikaels crucible, zz rot portal not used often? (maybe it's just the league im in, but i rarely see it). i use zeke's, zephyr and guinsoos sometimes and i think there is nothing wrong with thos items.
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