Wtf is this chatban

EDIT: Hey guys, i really wanna apology for my post... It was immature and stupid. I actually didnt expect so much from the riot community (Answears) on my little post. Most of who didnt support me and i really understand that. I am going thru a hard time right now and i hope you understand. Please forgive me... I wanna thank 2 people alot tho And that is LuxLux and BexXz. The reason why i wanna thank them is because the understood me (in some way) Most of the people who replied just said lol you deserved the chat ban and they are right but LuxLux forexample explained in a light way were he wouldnt go full rage on me. And BexXz put himself in my spot and defended me. Huge shoutout to them LuxLux BexXz I also wanna say i am going to reform and prove myself in the League Community by being more friendly. Thanks. ~Virtualbullet (BTW) My ,."" is not very good and my english aswell so please dont hate me for that :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I got chatbanned for flaming 3 french men who flamed me for not ganking that much and they stole my jung 24/7 as a way to show how they felt (Cho stole 2 blue buffs when came in my jung and vayne last hitted krugs and red from me and ekko stole wolf and raptor.) So then i began to int because it was not funny. {{item:3070}} BTW: If you want replay you can just add me on EUW.
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