why is riot gaems a lesser comanpy after all these years?

So i just checkued out the [arcade 2019 post](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/editorial/learn-more-arcade-2019) and it looks like riot games has let me down yet again. Which is kinda sad cause i have given up hope on them a looooogn time ago. Why the %%%% i see no missions in there? why does riot games **no show anything to the players** anymore? literally no reason to not give us the information. The only reason is that they decided to cut from the actually useful information team to make space for more lux skin makers. I dont understand why a bilion dolalr c omoanpy can't put information into the **%%%%ing INTERNET.** if i want pbe info i go to surrender@20 a **THRID PARTY WEbSITE** cause riot games cant be bother to make some %%%%ing notes. If im in game a nd want to see wtf my W does I can't just hover over the W ability in game. nonono that whould be too easy. i have to open op lol wiki, another **THRID PARTY WEBSOTE** cause riot turbo dog games can't show me waht my things do ingame. It wasnt like this 5 years ago. 5 years ago riot game would actually tell you about **new champions - new updates - new whatever the %%%% you wanted to know.** You could even get rioter to play with you on your 1000th game. Nowadays noone seems to play this game cause the balance is all over the base. And im suspcting other departments are lacking cause if you cant abaalnce a game after over 9 years, why not make another? **TFT is here bois** and its receiving more updates than the game it was based on WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Just let me %%%%ing know **what missions you are going to give me so i know how many tokens i get.** Just let me %%%%ing know **what a new champions lore is on your own goddamn website.**
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