If you could be a champion who would it be?

Pretty simple question if you where a champion who would you be? I mean more creative ones all riven/yasuo/zed mains please leave the thread because that is extremely boring and its basically the same as you are now with some armor and a sword (and maybe a pair of tits/balls added if your not that gender to start with) Personally I would like to be {{champion:154}}. Never played him but I think the idea as living as a liquid be interesting? How does it feel to move? what does someone punching you feel like? do you have to careful round drains? think about rolling down a hill? or the second one be {{champion:136}} all his stars fit in the palm of his hands. and some stars are just ... wow... so he must be like the size of an entire galaxy. What does life on that scale feel like? what does someone of that power even think about? stars already are quite scary things with the amount of power they contain and this dude is like "herp de derp let me just make a night light" *click*
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