How much can you love this game?

Honestly I've played this game from quite a bit (almost 5 years) and I can say that it got better time by time. With the last update that added (also my favourite{{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} skins) the K/DA skins, the game got much more fun. I LOVE the intro into the Summoner Rift, it really give's you a big support seeing that horde of minions standing there while our fabulous K/DA are dancing. But how far can we really go from now on? What content will wait us in the future and will it be as we want it to be? Honestly I can't ask much from the game, right now it is very good, still needs some champions nerfs here and there, but putting that aside it quite suits what people have been asking for. From me the game is an 8/10 right now. What are your thoughts people? Write it down and let me know how much you love the game and what should it change. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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