Bronze V is a really interesting place to be

So this season I was able already to visit everything from bronze II to bronze V, and I need to say, that the lowest division is really interesting place to be (and not, I'm not being sarcastic). It teach you completely a new approach to a game. Only here you can see top who walk from top to bot, when having a teleport available, with enough wards to teleport behind enemies, in the middle of them or next to your team. You can see a person flashing out of your team-mate redemption. I need to admit, this was hilarious to watch. There are players who never recall. They spam the chat with 2k gold, 3k gold, and buy gear when they die. And this is just a tip of the iceberg. Amazing place to be (again, no sarcasm included). Bronze V is like a completely different game comparing to other ranks. The higher you go, the bigger impact have a meta-play (controlling objectives, warding). Bronze V is like an URF. Just kill, kill, kill and have a fun from killing.
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