will we EVER get doombots back?

Come on we had urf like 3 times and urf was boring as fuck after 2 days the first time it came around. Doom bots was the greatest game mode ever it made the game fast, interesting and reflect based. Normal {{champion:99}} throws a q? meh nothing. doom bots {{champion:99}} throws a into a minon wave? Well better activate bullet time mode in your head because its about to go straight up fucking bullet hell game style (who the fuck misses bullet hell games? wish they would make some more good ones but up to date) Riot games... make a bullet hell game... come on... they are amazing... But for real tho willwe ever actually see doombots? Just think about the new champs. Step in a bush? {{champion:150}} spawns and ults you into a wall. {{champion:163}} fires walls that split like VVV VV V trapping people in little triangles or something every like ... annie q range. {{champion:420}} just fucking makes the map a hentai {{champion:136}} could have like 10 layers of stars with like 5 stars a layer reaching up to lux ult range make towers {{champion:161}} ult shit away. a passive sheild could be a 24/7 rotating {{champion:157}} windwall so you weave your ranged attacks the perfect moments when the wall is the other side of him. {{champion:202}} Could fire ults like fucking {{champion:22}} w`s. Come on riot make doom bots again ;_; it was so fun. vote: do you want doom bots or another shitty urf? If you where not here for doombots search on youtube "doom bots V" (or 5)
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