How free market ruins gaming industry and all artistic products

Gaming industry is the joke of the century. A small indie company creates a great game, their game is good and its developing and everyone is happy, but suddenly they accumulate too much capital and get greedy like all the por%%%. What will they do then? Will they keep the great artistic work? Will they keep their originality and the soul of the game? The answer is no, they will target as many people as possible and try to milk the game as much as possible, they will target e-girls, advertise the game to normies and try to make the normal game spaming casual players happy. The best testimonies for this undeniable truth is the creation of abominations and toxic champions like {{champion:350}} , the consecutive nerfs to skill oriented champions {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} which is made to not destroy the ego of bad players who see them carrying games while completely outplaying their opponents in an admirable way. Seriously, if you get outplayed by a fizz or a zed the entire game and end up losing the game it just mean that you are bad a the game and there is no need to cry for nerf in some random forums, but its not your fault its the fault of the bourgeois owned company Riot who listens to you and your nonsense. Riot also keep targeting e-girls ( one of the most stupid marketing targets, don't get me wrong am a feminist but I just despise the typical "I only play enchanters support and duo with my boyfriend grills ) by introducing more "cutie" kawaii despicable skins like all the one billions skins of lux , ahri and lulu. Like seriously can Riot just use the labor power that they used to make this skins in something useful? "bUt ThOsE wHo MaKe SkInS aRe NoT tHoSe WhO dO oThEr JoBs" yes I know but they can do something else for the society, they are basically a wasted labor power, honestly if your only skill is designing shit like Pajama soraka your labor power has no use value and you belong in a gulag. Lets not forget that in order to " keep the game new and fresh" or more like milking it to have more free money without adding anything interesting to it, Riot is making many changes ( they don't care if its bad or good) for the sake of money and advertisement ( basically even more money). Same happened to Yugioh when the game was fun and fair but now we got 1000000000000 cards but only 3 viable decks and duels last 3 turns , same happened to pokemon when we got original designing and healthy balanced gameplay but now we got shitty designs such as garbador and vanillux with like 10 OU mons while 4 of them are SSSSS++++ TIER and you cant win a single game without having one of them on your team. The animes and mangas didn't escape the milking policy of the savage capitalism( look at one piece, Naruto and dragon ball) I wont explain this one further I am too tired of typing. TLDR or am too simple minded to understand the complicated idea of an intellectual and a great thinker such as you: The milking policy ruins all artistic products because Yankee Ching Chang Mcgreedy wants more money
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