This is getting out of control

So I'm here to say a simple thing. This community is worse than ever. For real all my games have been like that: Join a game pick my dear {{champion:55}} and win the lane. When I press tab I see all my team feeding and flaming. Like holy shit is like being chilling with ur eyes closed and when u open them u are in the middle of a war. All the enjoyment that I had some months ago is just getting lost every day. It is impossible to get into a game and have a close game where everyone had fun and gave the best. Now it is just like that: The team with the worse player lose and everyone flames. One team gets ahead and R.I.P it is impossible to comeback because u are alone when your m8 are flaming... I just leave games when I really have to but the last 3 days the only thing that I think is "Well I think that I pref to wait 20 min to get into one more game that have to deal with this guys" Just wanted to share with you what I think... Have a good day and good games {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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