Choose between the two (Part IV)

**Chose between the two. Make one choice. Provide an explanation if you want.** {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}{{summoner:14}} -Play against a fed Tryndamere with your weakest champion, or play against a fed Xin Zhao with your weakest champion. (You won't be able to build items or have runes that counter either of the champions) -Lose and tilt to oblivion for 200 games (**WARNING: May cause psychological trauma**), and then win every game after that, or outplay Faker until he's stumped and lose every game after that (But you seal your fate as a legend) -Faker's Zed outplay in 2013 or Pray's Ashe arrow in Worlds 2016. -Play Syndra without your fingers or play Lee Sin with your eyes closed. -Flash getting deleted from the game, or all of your favorite champions getting deleted from your game (All of them. No one is spared.) -Playing alongside actual monkeys every promo game, or playing against doom bots every promo game

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