Recommending a new game?

Hi guys hope you all doing well on summoners rift and real life! :)) I'm not going to take you'r time too much and I'm straight going into the point: I'm bored and My usual games wont satisfy me any more: Overwatch and LoL's community annoys me and tooks the fun away, R6siege community / matchmaking F me all the times since all of my teammates act like they are playing COD and enemy team act like they are in middle of terrorist attack and future of mankind depends on them(XD) meanwhile in CSGO servers has taken over by hackers So i stuck with GTA:SA and playing that old gem for 20th time (i remember almost all of characters dialogs at this point) can you guys PLEASE suggest an old gem like SKYRIM , GTA:sa OR any F2P games (except battle royal) for me to download? i was thinking about DragonAge1 or Fallout new Vegas thanks for reading
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