Smurf/boosting or smth else

So i have a huge experience in this game , expecially in adc role , i start with a good score ,while my mid feed an enemy yasuo quit hard... , it was some series game for silver 3 passing... , and that enemy yasuo was silver 4... (his past rank silver 3). The all problem in this ,that i was almost facing that game 1 vs 5... , i faced an uncommon gameplay , which was extremly strange ,likely close to some grandmaster/challenger mechanics. He ended the game 20/3/6 i ended the game 13/5/6 Total damage dealt: I got to 9 1 score or something close to that ,from 0 1 early score ,even got 1000 gold for killing that yasuo into my tower , and i seen he had bad gameplay there ,but the rest of game he got insane gameplay ... . So i played my main account .. , haven't smurf or smth... , i just had good mechanics of playing this game , i was the only one killing yasuo ,all his 3 deaths are from me... Now my question is ,how this game can be balanced by Riot games ,if there are some people which may be close of using some scripts ,idk ,but i doubt he is that a good player after the stupid plays he done against me ,then somehow activated of himself and smash everyone .. , even placing me difficulties to take enemy low hp almost to die... . this is the overall end of games result. So i get to series , i get 3 feeders in team and i must face and some player who is playing like he would be on cocaine playing of aggresive with a precission out of common for a platinum or diamond gameplay of yasuo..

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