riot skin prices

I am sure you should know this , i am not even tehnical speaking care what you do with your money , but listen what i have to say and then think about it. If you exchange , any new league of legends skin in E , you will see the prices is about an amount in E/$ Think about like this next time you buy them content , you just encourage them to sell you a skin who could be unfinished , and more importantly a skin who needs a chroma to looks as it should look like on default , i mean the skin itself should be cool looking , not even feel like the need to buy chroma to make it better... ,the all thingh this chroma shoulded be if you boring of your skin outfit looking or like another colour ... ,but as it is now this really makes me question , why they do outfit looks more garbage on default skin they sell than how it would actually look like with a chroma. I just realise how broken prices are in this game among skins , first they started with 520 rp skins ,then they maded 750 rp skins ,then 975 rp skins , then 1350 and 1820 rp skins , now they do 2400 rp skins and 3150 rp skins ,but you forget something ... , they now do every event passes to get special prestige skins which they sell you for 1650 rp and make you grind hours in this game to even get one of those skins.. So what i realise , i buy lot's of games on steam , and i know i pay some games even half prices sometimes , and i realise how much work is in making a game , and you buy that game to have fun , and play around it , being a new game or tehnical not that old , and you can play it for decent price, and in that game people who actually did programmed it worked hours and hours to make it playable and funny and intresting having lot of content inside it. Instead what riot sell is skins who almost worth equal to a game ... , is the percent of work equal to what that people worked to make a game ... , a game who have lot's more much programming and time spended to be created than actually a skin takes to be done , i am not thinking cheap , i am just more cleaver because i realise that they selling you overpriced skins ,not even dota 2 don't get that expensive outfits to change the outfit of champion you play... .
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