Humans and cognitive bias

I am an adult who suffers from manic depression. I have had it all of my adult life and it is usually managed by eating healthy and exercise. Recently, because of personal reasons, I am struggling. Running isn't working and simply I am not sleeping for days at a time. My parents know that I am manic depressive, I have been fighting with my doctors to get an appointment to see a residential psychiatrist to give me some meds, as I have now come to the realization that after four months of going like this, I need a little help until I am me again. That in itself is just %%%%ing hard and my doctors a morons. I am trying to deal with this outside of the GP office, but again, that's also difficult. I know I shouldn't be like this and that I should be able to just get up and do something, but I just can't right now. Now, my parents represent the average human: selfish, ignorant, arrogant. They represent things that I don't like. I contacted them today as I was going to explain to them that currently I am struggling and simply, I need a little help. I didn't call them for a couple of weeks, because, I have to look after myself and I am not and haven't been doing that for around four months. As soon as I get on the phone, I get a barrage of moaning and then simply "you mum hasn't been feeling well" This represents the cognitive bias that all humans have. Rather than investigate the why to something, people overreact and look at the what to something. The what isn't important and it never really is. The actions of humans don't have any real impact, but the why to something does. Why does that work, why did he do that. When you have explored the why, you then explore the what.

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