It's really hard to get loot with the loot system

the loot system is really nice because you can to get free staff, I think it's very nice. but it also very frostrating, getting an S- at least in a game is really hard, and I'm able to achive it only with a few characters, so even that i'm tring to get loot, I can't, becaus got so littel that I don't even have enouth essens to get a single item. to comper, I now have 7 completed keys, but i dont have what to open with them until the next season will come. I remamber that when it started you coulld get loot if a teammate in your team got an S- on a his champion and you are plaing on a character that you didn't got a chest with, but it seems ilke it not happening any more because I don't get chests from that now. does somen feel the same? I know that riot wants to do good and that they are listening to feedback, so I would love that someone from the development team will see that post:)
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