A message from Diamond, to bronze...

To all you little bronze scrubs out there in the world. I have a message for you. Now i know that throughout all of your league life in bronze, you were called a bronze scrub, and that when you say "i can't get out of my elo because of trollers" and we reply back with, well, you're just not good enough. I'm Diamond 5, i achieved Diamond 4 in Season 5. I have recently decided to take it upon myself to see what really goes on in "Elo hell" Now let me assure you, i'm not in diamond due to playing support, i got there by playing top/jungle, as they are my best roles. So after losing all my placements on purpose on my account, i got placed in bronze 2, i hoped i would've got bronze 5 but oh well. Now i thought that it would be easy to climb. Oh boy i thought wrong. Now i have been the type of person to call bronzes "Bronze scrub" but no more, NO MORE. out of the 4 games i have played, i won 2. Now that might not seem like a bad of a result right? okay, lets see the champions i was playing...2 Games as rengar and one as fizz and another one as katarina. Now rengar is known for being a monster, a brutal piece of shit to deal with, however those are both the games i lost with, and i'm quite experienced with rengar. The first game we had a nidalee support, and gave up, like literally, gave up after one of our team mates died. The games where i was playing katarina and fizz were a lot easier, due to katarina being one of my mains. But towards the late game, i realized something. When you're ahead in bronze, you're actually losing. Why? Okay so our enemies nexus was open, and 1 by 1 each team member, EVEN SONA SUPPORT, would run up to their base and try and take it, it took 15minutes to explain to these guys why they should not be doing that. Bronze is hard, seriously hard. The last game i played made me want to face plant my desk a good 1000 times. It's absolutely brutal and you deserve all the help you can get, seriously i feel for you guys, all these videos about you, and i'm not saying all of you deserve to be higher because some of my teammates were poor. But to the people who i watch now n' again who actually do deserve to be higher, i feel your struggle. If you want my advice on how to learn to climb? Just play riven or katarina, that's the best advice i can give, simply due to the fact that people can't deal with them. But from this day on, i will not call you bronze scrubs anymore, i will call you fucking champions due to all the bull**** you have to put up with... RESPECT
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