Is it possible to disconnect chat in game?

I know you can mute all, but I would like to know if it is possible to disconnect chat in-game before the game starts. I usually dont mute people because I want to give them a chance, and if someone flames me I end up arguing a line or two before muting them which got me chat restricted twice and yesterday a 14 day ban. I NEVER go afk, I NEVER troll, I never flame anyone unless they flame me first and I only say mild things like report this guy, and my account now is a step from being permabanned. I do not understand this... So I want to REMOVE chat in game so I resist the temptation to write "report xxx he is wishing cancer to everyone" and get myself banned. Can I do this? EDIT: someone down there had a great suggestion: _Finellvi (EUW) There should be an option to "Disable chat" and a warning like user x is not using chat, if anyone want to communicate and discuss tactics they should queue with friends. And pings are always useful enough_
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