Why do separate queues share the same penalty ?

Ok so, today I dodged I believe 2 games in normal draft because both champions I wanted to try out got banned. Then, today I got alot of trolls and afk people in ranked and I just got matched up with pretty troll team of 3 premades (god bless dynamic queue), so I decided to dodge because there was no point even trying with that matchup in my opinion, so I dodged. And I lost 30lp (in plat 1) and 25min penalty... why ? Why do two separate queue's share the same penalty (when talking about stacking harsher and harsher penalty). I lost 2-3 games of worth lp becuase of this now, which shouldnt happen in my opinion since people treat normal and ranked mode differently, in normal you dodge when your champion/-s you really wanted to play get banned, in ranked you dodge only when you dont feel confortable playing with people you got matchmade with (thats how I see it atleast).
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