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Good evening, my friends and I are psychology students and we are currently working on a project to explore the mindset and depth of your experience in games. This study is part of our exams, so it’s mandatory for us. However we are also a group of passionate gamers so we switched our focus in this project to the field of gaming. The core idea of our project is to find out, what motivates gamers and how this motivation influences their gaming experience and success. Even though gaming becomes more and more accepted in society, there are still people out there who don’t understand or even condemn gaming and its value. An awful lot of studies explore gaming addiction or the correlation between games and violent behavior, however there are very few of them who actually examine the cognitive abilities and development which are necessary in order to become a decent gamer. We want to change that and you can help us with that. Another mentionable development is the world of Esports. A rising interest in competitive gaming backed by a massive industry is taking gaming to the next level. The capabilities which are necessary in order to reach the top of the placements in the world are not unlike the ones we find in people who operate inside extremesports. Still Esports is very new and has yet to establish itself as a form of real sports. In order to do that it needs to be explored and treated with an equal respect than regular sports. And again, that’s what we are trying to do. Please fill out the following questionnaire **concentrated** and **carefully** so you don’t accidentally give us wrong information which could affect our statistics negatively. The survey shouldn’t take you longer than 20 minutes, so take that time at least. The whole participation is anonymous of course and we won’t use the questionnaire for anything other than to generate our statistical information. So don’t worry we are not facebook and we don’t give your information to a third party. If you are interested in helping us with our project and contribute to the study of the hearts and minds of gamers please fill out the following questionnaire: [Link]( Thank you for your time and support! We are grateful for every participant. Thanks and have a nice day Eingew, KindOfBooooring, DonDavide PS: If you have any further questions or want to contact us, this is our e-mail:
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