A map of Valoran in new Lore canon?

Soooo I finally found time to read the new Lores (currently Shurima), and I came to wonder about Valoran's geopraphy. I know that we once had a (rough) map http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-funiq4XVh-g/T46xV5__A4I/AAAAAAAAABI/DLKnvollIW0/s1600/Valoran_Map_Summoners_Rift.jpg So I thought with the new cannon we just cross out the Institute of War and done, but after reading "Bloodlines" this theory doesn't seem to hold. > Ionia was wondrous, and the frozen landscapes of the Freljord were stunning in their own way, but the blazing sun of Shurima melted them from her memory as she set foot on the stone wharf of Bel’zhun. > The connection she felt with this land’s bedrock surged through her like one of Babajan’s spiced teas. She’d been grinning from ear to ear as she climbed the steps from the docks, and even passing beneath the black stone of a Noxtoraa couldn’t dampen her spirits. > Taliyah hadn’t stayed long in Bel’zhun. The Noxian warships in the harbor made her too nervous and brought back bad memories. She remained just long enough to buy supplies and catch the latest market-stall rumors carried from the deep desert by trade caravans. Now, i might not be good at reading, but for me that says: "Taliyah arrived in Shurima at Bel'zhun, Bel'zhun has a Harbor." And to my knowledge a Harbor can only exist in a either coastal City or one with a big River. For different reasons I have a feeling it isn't a River, but I actually can't prove that one, my main argument would be that in bit later in the Story Tali was "following the winding arc of what people were once again calling the Mother of Life, a great river said to have its source in the capital of the ancient Shuriman empire." So if you'd build Harbors in any Rivers, that one would be way mroe attractive. But as said, it isn't a very strong Argument as just as well 2 Rivers with Cities that have Harbors could exist in Shurima. (even tho desert doesn't Sound like it would have much big rivers) But I'm straying off-Topic. What I wanted to conclude is that Shurima seems to have a coast, according to 'Bloodlines', yet the Map doesn't really coop with that. (if it's a River big enough for Habors I'd bluntly assume the map would Show it too) Obviusly, the only decent conclusion to draw is that the map is outdated, and Bloodlines is correct. So far so good (goodbye old map) But now I came to wonder if there are any up to date maps of Valoran? Because with the quick search I did so far, I couldn't find anything. :s Or do we have to go threaten Rito with torches and pitchforks to get our map? (Or attempt one ourselfs, I suppose that would be an easier way to get one... but less accurate) -------------- inb4 the first reply has an updated map and I look comepletly silly.
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