Bad teammates in League of Legends

I've recently played a game where I was Jax. I was winning hardcore my lane and felt pity for enemy laner. Ending the game with a 23/8/4 score, despite I've gotten one of their nexus towers! {{champion:24}} Furtheron in the game, my entire team was so bad and feed the entire enemy team hardcore, that I was unable to compete! Their team was way better than mine, where I have to carry them and boss them around My team was SO BAD, THEY COULDNT EVEN FARM OR FREAKING GET KILLS / "Sorry for toxic" {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} What I witnessed in my game 1. * bad at farming 2. * bad positioning 3. * couldn't regroup and always went in 4. * Ignored my calls and blamed me in some cases ------------------------------------------- * Pictures of my game -------- I find it really unfair, that I gotta win nearly all of my games, with players that barely knows how to play the game at all. I was single-handedly solo carrying my entire team. Plus they barely did any damage as objective damage! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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