Why won't RIOT release a linux version of league of legends?

I know that it is possible somehow to install league on linux but I've tried that and I was forced to reinstall it every time there was an update and look on the internet for some kind of fix for each patch. It was such a headache that I rather played on windows instead. The problem that I have now is that I hate windows more than ever. I can't play the games I want unless I upgrade to windows 10 or install linux. I hate windows 10 and I will never ever use it. The only game that I want to play and requires windows (or mac for some weird reasons) is league of legends. I don't want to give up on the game after spending a lot of money in the game, but it's the only reason why I should use windows. Everything else works better on linux than windows and I would really like to move and forget about this infected company called microsoft. So my question stands: Why won't RIOT release a linux version? What do they have to lose? I mean make me pay a monthly fee if you have to just make it work... or just tell me that there will never be a linux release so I can just move on to play some other moba...
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