the ban system doesnt make sense

so let me just make something clear, yes i did get perma banned, i dont think it was fair but its too long to explain and i don't want to fight with people because they think they know the full story and are just gonna say "you deserve the ban because riot is never wrong" and also im not one of those end of season ranked raged bans, i never played ranked for 4 months, i even got banned playing ARAM, best yet i got banned on the LCS finals, LMAO , so im just giving my 2 cents on the ban system, this is not about me, im not gonna get the account back and i dont even care now i moved onto another game so let me me just jump right to the points for less reading * the player base is declining, riot is spending so much money on ads, and they are spending money on events like the WWE thing and im pretty sure streamers like T1 and QT are not doing those matches at these tournaments for free * they are spending so much money to get players but they treat there current players like shit when it comes to bans * LoL is one of the most frustrating games to play, it is rating M for mature, so why is swearing considered bannable * call someone the N word, call them a qu*er, call them a %%%gg*t, tell them to k*s then yeah you deserve a ban, but just telling someone to %%% off shouldnt be bannable * this is a game for a mature audience, we are grown adults or old teens playing this game not 5 year olds so why is profanity such a bad thing, if this was club penguin then it makes sense because thats a children's game but this is League, if im gonna call you a moron because your 0/10 and you're still 1v1 a 10/0 enemy, chances are you are one (never get banned for this so dont jump to any conclusions about me) * this system needs to be more lenient to players for swearing as long as it isn't a racial slur, homophobic comment, hate speech or death threat the older the game gets the more it isnt league of legends but instead l**_EA_**gue of legends where they stop giving a shit about players i just want riot to look at the unfairness of the ban system is, where trolls get free to do their shit but people who just swear get punished if anyone wants to know why i got banned and why i say its unfair you can ask and if i come back onto this website then ill tell you why, i never actually made a post about my ban because its too long and will take too much time so i don't wanna do it if i know no one's gonna care
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