How do you feel about Int Sion?

I didn't know much about the Strategically Minded Sion or int Sion. I heard a little about it but I didn't have any experience with it. I have played as normal Sion. Getting in a team fight with your ult and wrecking havoc with Sion is fun for me. So, I didn't keep much thought about it. Then one day it happened. Int Sion was picked in the enemy team. The first wave, he goes and dies to the turret and keeps punching it with passive. I was like okayyyy.... what is he doing?? Then it hit my head that it must be Strategically Minded Sion(Rito's wise choice of words) I am playing against. I try to keep the wave away from the turret so it won't get the additional damage debuff. But he won't be stopped. He just goes alone and smash and dies and smash again with his passive. He became more annoying when he built hydra. Ganking him didn't solve that much of a problem as he would just focus on the turret and nothing else. He was inting but winning and creating a lot of map pressure. In solo queue, it is kinda hard to make the team cope with this kind of strategy. Well the conclusion is that it wasn't fun for me. My fun definition for the game is different from just smashing the tower. **If by any chance Rito reworks his passive, I want his passive to not target structures anymore and just smash his enemies..** I am sorry to release my stress to you fellows. I know this is a good strategy for anyone to win a game and I couldn't play good enough to counter Int Sion. But I just want to have a good fun even when i lose. Being ignored by your enemy(_notice me Senpai_) and just hitting the tower was't fun for me.. **Btw, I do want to see a pro team play Strategically Minded Sion in competition.** But I also know the opposite team would be playing in team to counter it unlike in solo queue where it is kinda hard. Edit: Yes champs like tryndamere can also do the same thing but with some conditions like he can only be immortal when his ult is available which he gets on lv 6 ( which is plenty of time for good players to counter) and the demolish still working while he died made it worse. Are there any good counter for Strategically Minded Sion? I am open to your advises. And also, I would love to hear your side of the story. Thank you. _PS Any debate is welcome but please don't be rude to each other._
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