Why you should unistall game right now and start looking for another

Hi i am playing since season 2 for around 8 years ( to now ) only maining ADC ( for 8 years ). Below i want to talk about why you should leave playing league of legends ( or maby not ). Let s start from adc possition and after will come back to global things. I loved to play ADC over anything since season 7 right after new rune-mastery sh** came in. After that never was the same. Seasons 2-5 for adc's in my opinion were the best, you can blame that tanks were too op against ad ect but in that time that was the most enjoyable time and the most satisfying. Adc were never op but what i have seen last 2-3 seasons just destroyed the game. The worst things that riot have done for bottom lane from my point of view: 1. Support remake - Ofcourse i am not talking about first changes ( support items ) that bring back supports to live but next buffs ect. For now when you see support destroying adc 1v1 is normal but that s not how it was or how it should be. Riot wanted and still want to make all roles equal but what they have done with supports to 1v1 is just disgusting. As it says "support" role should be supporting not beeing another apc in game... 2. Autofill - Overall for adc role the worst thing ever invented. Now you just have to play with "random" player, mostly that never played support role. Most of players on support now plays apc's, bc of 2 things. First they never play support role and have no clue what adc needs ( most of support players are coming from top,mid,jg ), second they want to carry so your peel is like never existed. Nowadays you can see really rarely good support players, most of them are smurfs from higher divs or long year experienced support players. And from course of time most of autofilled players are on support possition, from around 100 games asked i think like 70-80 players said that they are autofilled. ADCs are just fated on others bc after those reworks supports have way more impact on bot lane than adcs themselves. 3. Mastery-Rune thing - For ADCs that was just shot in the head. DMG of the apcs and assasins increased drasticly what deleted adcs from the game. First time ever adc and support on bot lane last season were changed over all for brussiers or apc bc adc role were that useless.... This new invention changed adcs irrevocably. Back than when you had a choice you could create something different from others, you could change that 1 ap point for something else and become special, yes it is true that farming runes was pain in the ass but it was worth it. If you had 2 accounts that was all and you cared about every single ranked game you played now you have bad mmr, you just go create new acc in 1 week with boosts and you are ready to go again... Now about globals 4. Engine - Changed in the time when riot changed graphics of main 5v5 map. After that everything started ruining down, from patch to patch you could see more and more sometimes funny sometimes annoying bugs. For now people got used to seeing really destroying game bugs but it wasnt like that before. Bugs were rare and easy to repair. The bugs are still growing and growing and riot sometimes just dont give a s*** abou them, better let new skins come out or new graphic design for loading screen or launcher but about that later. 5. Number of champions compared to number of bans - Funny thing that people think change from 6 different bans to 10 bans changed something. Most of the time bans from both teams multiply so in the result you get around 6-7 different bans so riot add's around 60 champions and allows you to ban one or two more ? Is that a joke or what... For now we have 134 champions and the number is growing.... but there are 10 bans which can be multiplied isnt that a bit less for 134 champions ... 6. Balance - What pisses me off the most is the balance between champions now. Back than you could pick any champ and if you farmed long enough you could became beast with any champion, now you have like 3-4 champions to choose and you are forced to play with them because riot just buffed them or nerfed... Now you have around 5 adcs to play and that s all but what if you want to play for example vayne? You are not going to win 80% of games because either you get nuked by support or you get nuked by adc ( draven, lucian, jihn ) and there is not coming back because game would have to be 50 mins to farm out but riot wants games to be quicker, shorter so you are forced to play few champs even if your playstyle doenst fit... Balance between adc's should be changed and there is no other way. I know it s funny when you kill adc on 1 or 2 skills and it disapears but guess what back in the time it wasnt like that, seeing anyone oneshoting someone was really god damn rare and if you wanted to do that you really had to use everything to oneshot someone ( DFG ect ), now you just see random karthus pressing R on spawn and killing 60 % of hp and all you can do is go base or die from any skillshot. 7. Launcher - Back then riot wanted to make something that would match the style that world came into ( tiles ) so they released new launcher after beta tests, guess what it was full of buggs even on start and becoming bigger nightmare from patch to patch. Waiting after game takes ages, champion select is over 9000 bugged, sometimes you cant pick champion ,sometimes you click but champion doesnt lock in, sometimes you get response from riot server after 4-5 seconds ect ect. 8. Comeback mechanics - One of the most annoying thing ever created. Riot wants to make game more interesting but otherwise they create more flame and more frustrating games. The worst thing is that you are punished for making one mistake over 10 mistakes opponent did. Let s take example on ADCs. You are playing Tristana vs Draven, both are even in farm and exp. Tristana kills 5-7 times draven, draven becomes 0/5-7 with 2 lvls down from tristana. Than Draven kills tristana becomes 1/5-7 with the same experience lvl because of created comeback mechanics to make this game more interesing. I dont understand what is the point to help guy that made 7 mistakes and make him even with player that made a single one... All the draven player will learn from the game is that he can int every game and just kill someone with bounty and you are fine you didnt do anything wrong and you still win the game. That was the most stupid mechanic ever created .... 9. Involvement - I feel like for first 5 seasons riot wanted to create great game and they quite wanted to make this game for players not that much for money but after that big "BANG" and income of players all they could see after season 5 was $$$ and $$$$ and guess what $$$$. In season 6 or 5 i think everything started ruining, balance never was even but after that income balance started to become the shittiest ever over time. If riot would still want to make this game for players, death recap would be done long time ago, multicore support for multicore CPUs would be implemented already ( we have 2019, all new games have it implemented but riot cant do that ). NOPE YOU ARE WRONG, ofcourse they can do that, ofcourse they have funds for it but they just dont really care about players, that game could die today and they already have gained bilions from players so they dont really care. Riot now just supports this game not to die from cheaters and bigger buggs that is all. If they would still want to improve this game they would focus on creating simple but free in 99% of buggs launcher, support higher budget pc players with multicore implementation ect ect but the truth is, sad but true Riot doesnt care anymore and all they cares about is money Share your toughts below :) Have a great one on Summoners Rift :)
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