Autofill vs Fill - Just a bit confused. Discussion

Hey guys, Just been thinking recently (and it's quite evident with the amount of these topics on the boards) that Autofill seems a tad counterintuitive within match making system. My background on here is that I'm a support main, I genuinely love the role, but recently I've been going to my back up Jungle/Mid for that old taste of variety. Just about every other game the pre lobby is filled with people arguing over lanes because, they claim, autofill made them go support. Now I'm guessing that some of these may actually be Sup pref but just contesting the role anyway because, why the heck not. My question here is, why do we need a forced autofill to improve queue times when there is a "Fill" option in the draft pick? Seems a bit strange to me that you can choose to fill a role out of preference or alternatively be forced into it anyway. Surely the "Fill" choice is for players who wish to experience a reduced queue and at the same time don't mind what role they play. Rather than imposing forced selection reduced queue times (which is in essence a good thing, time wise), why don't you allow to select or deselect autofill (or remove it entirely, where players choose FILL to reduce their queue time), and if so, the players who don't therefore OPT to have longer queue times. I think this is a pain a selection of this community is experiencing and a good portion doesn't appear to be on the boards because this is moaned about frequently in pregame lobby and in game... Not to mention the effect of forcing a less experienced player into a role they haven't played before? TL:DR Personally, I'd rather have longer queue times than people dodging queue due to role allocation or off meta troll picks/inexperienced players being forced into crucial roles like support. It's not fun for the team and it's definitely not fun for the carry.
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