what is my tilt type?

since testing bugged and won't show results after taking test so what is my tilt type? i am completely untiltable and sportsmanlike unless enemy team get infernal drake! i ignore other drakes specially mountain drake but all i want from my team isn't gank, isn't roaming , only infernal drake . i try to get it in level 3,4 and i get executed! i always ask team to help get infernal and when they didn't help and enemy gets that drake i get really angry and i trying to say that this game is over we will lose without infernal i literally get disappointed when enemy gets infernal! sometimes both teams have fight on infernal but our moron jungler decides to follow a low health enemy instead of taking infernal then enemy jungler comes and gets it. after that i begin to **** that guy! what is my tilt type? . i think even a game with 2/200 score but 3 infernal is winnable! am i wrong? friends suggest rengo that he has 25% more damage and is good for me!

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