Power of PRO players and streamers

Hello, I think that PRO players and Streamers should think more what are they doing. Like picking troll champs, doing troll builds. After they do that and low players look at them, they think that this is all right to do this... so instead of playing champs really good they pick troll picks and do nothing. Viktor top, AP MF support, Neeko ADC etc. PRO players and Streamers should lead by example for new and low elo players. Not what are they doing. Thats not right. Thing anything bad about me that i think this isnt right.. Just think about it. PRO players and Streamers can try new things, but not online on stream or in esports. Where all people see them. When some streamers using bug or cheats in game and stream it or share it on youtube they got banned or punished, But when PRO players and Streamers play troll builds thats ok? without any punishment? I know its good to try new things, but no in this way. New players really look at PRO players to learn things from them. Don't be mean to me, I just want oyu to understand how hard it must be for a new players. A lots of them looks on streamers and youtubers to learn some champion or meta idk. I play LoL for 6 years if you think i am one of them, I am not. I learned by myself, But in a world like this now, they look at them and then do the wrong thing. PRO players most pick that troll to counter pick, what new players dont know why they pick it, they only see troll and win. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}

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