Question for those who are hardstuck.

Edit: I have decided to change the whole post because I realise I was somewhat being an asshat and half-boasting which is kinda pathetic. People who are hardstuck, are either hardstuck because they are casuals and don't really care about improving or actually the opposite; people who have hit a wall but are working hard to overcome this. At least, I believe so. And I have a question for especially the latter: What keeps you going? No matter what elo you are, what makes you still try and not be discouraged by the fact that you are hardstuck? Because this is what I need to know. I want to climb, but every time I hit a wall I stop. Completely. For months. Which obviously doesn't help me one bit. I just... ''fear'' being hardstuck as it would personally make me feel like I have failed. Perhaps I have deeper issues that I need to look into, but for now, just what keeps you guys going?
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