Updating Old Skins and Other Skin Changes

As a player since season three, I have seen several changes and I have loved the changes from new champions(Jinx to Neeko) to ideas for spicing up the players play time like different game modes, missions, and crates. There have always been changes as this is not a finished game and it is always changing but one thing that I have noticed over the years is the lack of content given via skins. Last year was the beginning to a new version of skins called the Prestige Editions. This is a brilliant idea of having a player have to work for a skin that is a collectors item. That is to say, I believe Riot is going overboard with the Prestige skins as they are supposed to be a very rare collectors item which then gives the special purpose of these skins nonexistent. I think slowing down on the production of Prestige skins will show how valuable they are. I would like to focus more on updating skins and giving us better quality skins. There are a lot of older skins that make the player models look amazing but have no special visuals for the abilities and thus make the skin very disappointing compared to newer skins. Focusing on older skins and making not only their visuals better but changing their abilities visuals to connect with the skin will please a ton of players. This goes along with the voices as well. Adding small lines to bigger skins, for example Ambitious Elf Jinx could have a line similar to a sarcastic “Happy Hanukkah!” when getting a kill, will make a huge difference in quality. Now there are the skins that have a whole new voice over but I am talking about two to seven small lines to random skins to make them match the champion and please the player with their purchase. Now with this change, I am certainly not saying sell them at the same price but it will make skins up to 150 RP more. Making changes like this will allow Riot employees to relax as there have been tension on getting more skins out and focus on quality instead of quantity.
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