this game is unplayable

i tried playing the game again , 2 matches today both times it was complete bs , how is it that aram always is one sided bs i dont get it "random" no , SR is more random , bots is more random , custom games ffs are more random , in aram if you look at the loading screen you already know if the match is lost in 9-12 minutes like last game we had an enemy vayne that went 25-13-23 how am i supposed to deal with that ? i was the mvp with 12-14-15 as riven , but the enemy team had 3 champs in total that could stun me , and taliyah could knock me towards the enemy team i tried surrrendering multiple times , but no , i had to sit around for 25.30 minutes in a match that was a guranteed loss its really annoying how you just have to sit around , and do just enough to not get flagged as afk , plaiyng this game and going into a match sadly always is a gamble "will i get an enjoyable match or will i just have to be bored and have to waste time , its really just unplayable
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