A Hobby to replace video games

Hey guys i was wondering if any of you do or know a hobby i can do instead of playing video games since i am tired of it and i am going to college next year and i am trying to find something fun to do in my free time to replace video games. i have been playing video games for a lot of times now 6-7 years and i think i am done with them. if it was up to me i would probably play offline games with a good story mode like horizon and uncharted 4 but i don't have the money to upgrade my pc to get to that level of games and if i buy a console it would cost a lot of money to buy a game every 2 weeks or so after i finish the one that i have. So i am basically looking for a hobby that can occupy me and would be fun and have goals or targets to look to achieve in them. i have a lot of free time in summer holidays and not a ton while in school so it needs to be good enough to make me busy and pass the time in the holidays because it gets so boring and i don't know what to do here are the things that i do in my life so u can have some sort of idea about me that might impact your suggestion. I watch movies and Tv shows. I go to the gym 5 days a week. I keep up with tech and smartphones in particular. I listen to all the new songs that come out and following at least 7 music channels on youtube. I am not interested in any sport besides fitness and bodybuilding. I don't have a girlfriend and not planning on getting one and don't want to get married as well so i am gonna have a lot of free time even when i get a job. Any suggestion or comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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