Become a League of Legends Volunteer! - (Applications open)

Greetings Everyone!
We are excited to announce that we are looking to expand our Volunteer team!

Do you want to turn your passion for League of Legends into something great?
We are looking the friendliest and most motivated community members to join our team!
Emissaries are the pillars of the community, supporting it with knowledge, constructive posts, ideas, enthusiasm but most importantly; their drive to help other players!


We want to improve the player experience inside and around the game.
A large portion of our work is based around the EU Boards: We like to share knowledge to assist players with their questions and problems, organize contests or do simple things like spotlighting awesome fanart!

Of course the community reaches far beyond the Boards, and we want to do too! We can occasionally be found on other social media channels or manage standalone projects. We simply want to do more of that! Reach more players, explore new territories, and have a bigger impact on the community.
There are nearly no limits, and we have Riot’s assistance to reach our goals.


Rioters... Plain and simple, we are volunteers. We are not employed by Riot,
we are not Rioters and we do not get paid. Instead we thrive on the experience,
the friendships and that warm fuzzy feeling we get from helping others!

Emissaries also do not dabble in the secret art of technics, for any technical issues, you are better off talking to one of our very skilled Wrenchmen!

Last but certainly not least, as Emissaries we certainly are not required to be
pro-Riot! Our feedback can prove helpful, as such having a critical eye on everything they do is recommended!


As a Volunteer, you are supposed to be an exemplary member of the community. We are looking for role models who are passionate about League of Legends and improve the game with a light hearted and friendly attitude.

You will become a part of the Volunteer family, frequently work with us on new projects and will hopefully be open to make some friends.

Do you think you are a good fit for the Volunteer program?
Don’t hesitate to apply!

Riot Eambo (Rioter);

Riot Kengen (Rioter);

Hansiman (Senior Emissary);

Torpedosheep (Senior Emissary);

GLurch (Emissary);

Monsieur Kast (Emissary);

Shiwah (Emissary);

Kayamarazaki (Junior Emissary);

Declined (Wrenchman);

Valzuuuh (Wrenchman);

Coxis (Senior Wrenchman).

The brightest light starts
as just a spark.

– Lux


Please note that if we receive more than 150 applications before the deadline, we will have to temporarily close the applications to ensure a fair and swift review process.

The form will open again once we can manage the amount of applicants, so don't worry!


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